venerdì 22 luglio 2016

About Solar Activity july, 21

As we said yesterday, the solar activity has intensified and as we wrote the chances of M-class flares were increased , and in fact is the event of the day a blast of M1 class occurred at 00 : 46utc last night ,
the flare from the region AR2565 is not properly in front of the Earth therefore the effects of a possible CME will be zero or minimal and will arrive within 2-3 days . Meanwhile, the solar wind travels at 400 km / sec in the standard and sunspots in the third active regions 56 , it grew even electromagnetic radiation that marks 108sfu a discrete value . The shield geomagnetic during the day today has remained more or less fixed in KP2 . now present a coronal hole is not too broad . Remain at the 25 % probability of the class M flares and geomagnetic storms at mid-high latitudes prediction from the 30% for the next few hours down for tomorrow.