mercoledì 11 maggio 2016

GS3PYE/P activation of Isle of Arran, via satellite also.

During May 22-29 the Camb-Hams (GS3PYE/P) will be operating from the Isle of Arran on the west of the island near Balliekine IO75HO (EU-123), the activation will include amateur satellites along with HF, 6/4/2m.  
 On the AMSAT Bulletin Board Peter Goodhall 2E0SQL reports: The location on the island favours the South/West/North as there's a hill to the east, but hopefully that will not limit us. We'll be taking along an ICOM IC-910,  Wimo X-Quads, Preamps and Yaesu G-5500 rotator, all controlled by our favourite bit of software SatPC32. For backup I'll have my FT-817 and Arrow but this kit hasn't let us down yet for the last few trips. The plans are to operate on all satellites both FM/SSB/CW. If you want a CW QSO you'll need to contact us as I'll need to find a suitable operator. I'll try to post regular updates on Twitter, either using my own account @2e0sql or the groups account @g3pye and also posting updates on the website Look forward to working you all in a couple of weeks' time. For the latest info see